Howard Pierce Porcelain
Claremont, California - Joshua Tree, California
late 1930's - 1994

Welcome to our wonderful world of Howard Pierce Porcelains

Howard Pierce began working in Southern California in 1936. In 1945, he opened his own pottery studio in Claremont.

He moved to Joshua Tree, California in 1968 where he continued designing and producing beautiful porcelain until he died in 1994 leaving a legacy of wonderful animal & human figurines, some unique jewelry pieces, vases & other decorative pieces.

Most pieces are marked, ink stamp, impressed and/or labels, although in sets often the smaller pieces aren't marked.  You will also find personally signed pieces of these beautiful porcelains, when people purchased a treasure in his studio he often signed and dated it.


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Here are just a few of the more unique, unusual, rare & just because I like them items,

some from my personal collection, some sold and some available for sale in my Etsy Shop.


Angel Fish Mama blue 4-1/2"x5"

Angel Fish brown 4-1/2"x5"

Angel Fish rosy color Mama & Baby


Blowfish/Puffer Fish

Seal pup white textured finish

Click on picture to enlarge

Mama Bear glossy light brown exp color

Bears Mama & Cub black



Koala climbing tree black/gray

Koala climbing tree brown/ivory

Koala Bear sitting brown

Koala Bear large sitting green speckled


Owl chick small blue

Snow Owl Family

Blue Jay


Birds small on Mesa Vase/Flower Frog

Bird Family on Branch

Small Turkey


Eagle small gray

Eagle small brown

Pelican green (experimental color)

Pelican purple


Pelican blue

 Fanciful Pelican blue

 Fanciful Pelican brown

Heron purple

Heron blue


Roadrunner Flock


Roadrunner purple

Roadrunners on tree stump

Roadrunner hand painted polyurethane, 5-1/2" tall 10" long




Marine Bulldog

Black Cats

Brown Panther


Black Panther



Dinosaur blue


Click on picture to enlarge


Angel Trio Caroling purple

Angel Wall Font

Golden Angel w/Tulip Font

Joking Monks

Girl Holding Sunflower

Hawaiian Couple black

Hawaiian Couple brown

Ballet Couple

Eskimo Couple

People shelf

Horse large blue 8-1/2" x 7-1/2"

Horse large rose/gray 8-1/2" x 7-1/2" 

Carousel Horse

Bull calf gray

Bull calf dark blue/black

Bull Calf brown 

Buffalo small 2-1/2" x 3-3/4 brown

Buffalo small 2-1/2" x 3-3/4 dark brown

Mountain Sheep on Rocks matte brown Mouse with Leather Tail

Big Ear Mice



Pig figurine not bank
Click on picture to enlarge

Rabbit tiny

White Hare large



Skunk black/white


Turtle glossy black/green figurine not bank



This set was sold at Disneyland in the Ruggles Gift Shop 1950's

Elephant Mama & Baby dark blue

Elephant Mama & Baby pink

Elephant Calf pink

Monkey sitting 10"

Monkey sitting blue

Hippo large gray/dark brown

Baby Hippo blue

Baby Hippo ivory/light brown


African Antelope brown & white standing on rocks

Giraffes facing each other blue/gray

Giraffe sitting

Giraffe family

Tallest Giraffe

Tiny Shelf

Mug men

Mug women

Mug roadrunner front & back


  Click on picture to enlarge

Giraffe on outside of Vase

Swan on outside of Vase


Vase Girl & Dog ivory bisque in White gloss

Vase Boy & Dog ivory bisque in White gloss

Vase Fish ivory bisque in Chartreuse gloss

Owl Trio Vase

Owl Large Vase



Ball Vase and matching Candlesticks


Round Vase


Wall Pocket

Squares Vases


Click on picture to enlarge


Click on picture to enlarge


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